Frequently Asked Questions

YES, all SmarteX fittings and pipe offer a 25 year warranty and SmarteX hoses offer a 10 year warranty, if installed by a licensed plumber, in accordance with AS3500 of the National Plumbing code parts 1, 4 and 5 and established installation practices.
SmarteX pipe can be buried or embedded in concrete between the top and bottom layers of reinforcement but it is not advised to bury the fittings in concrete.
SmarteX pipe has UV resistant properties but is not recommended for exposure to direct sunlight for prolonged periods, it is recommended that a sleeving material is used for this application.
YES, SmarteX can be used both underground and behind wall in accordance to Australian Standards.
PE-Xb pipe has a nominal working pressure of 2000KPA at 20 Degree C, Maximum Recommended working pressure 1000KPA. NOTE: AS 3500.1-2003 Clause 3.3.4 requires that maximum operating pressure at an outlet within a building be set at 500KPA.
PE-Xb pipe is suitable for use at temperatures up to 100 Degree Celsius however continuous long term operation should be between -50 Degree C to +70 Degree C.
(Note Maximum temperature will vary to pressure rating)
20 Degree C = 2000KPA
60 Degree C = 1500KPA
70 Degree C = 1300KPA
The Smartex product has Watermark certification to AS3688 Lic WM71225, AS2537 WM71224, AS/NZS 2492 WM71223.
Minimum bend radius:
16mm pipe = 100mm radius
20mm pipe = 150mm radius

Clips spacing:
16mm pipe Horizontal: 0.8 Metres Vertical, 1.2 Metres or in line with local government requirements. 20mm pipe Horizontal: 1.0 Metres Vertical, 1.4 Metres or in line with local government requirements

SmarteX pipe can be bent by hand, there is no specific tool required to bend it.
It is fine to concrete over the pipe, as long as the pipe is running vertical, not horizontal. If the  pipe needs to run horizontally with concrete over it then copper tube is recommended.
NO, this product range should not be used for compressed air applications, it is only to be used for water installations.
SmarteX-C: Manufactured from DR Brass to AS3688.
SmarteX-P: Manufactured from DR Brass to AS2537.
Smartex PE-Xb Pipe: Watermark License number WM71223, certified to AS/NZS2492, PN20: (Nominal Working pressure of 2.00 MPa)
Smartex High-Pressure Hose: AS 3499
SmarteX fittings are NOT recommended to be used on other suppliers PEX pipe, to do so would void warranty as we cannot guarantee the sizing of the alternative suppliers pipe. We suggest using a BSP union connecting the fitting between the two systems.
SmarteX-C fittings can be used on both hard drawn and annealed copper tubes.
SmarteX-P fittings can be used with SmarteX PE-Xb pipe.